Work Experience at GRAZIA: Day Four

I am really sorry that I didn't post last night.. I dont get homw until 10 to 8 and I had a friend round for food - and time ran away with itself ... but here is my post from yesterday:

Breakfast on the train.. 
Oh woe is me... Where most people would be thrilled that its only 1 day until the weekend NOT ME! I won't tire of living the dream that is Grazia. 

Anyway, my day! I have had another amazing day - I've got to do so much more than I ever intended ... And everyone has been so lovely! Today I finished a story that is going to be on grazia 's website 2nd may! Started another story,and transcribed ALOT! Most people hate transcribing I love it! I think I am just so nosey! Although my hands did ache about 5000 words later! 

The post today was colossal! And I literally got a little overwhelmed! But it was mostly packages, so didn't take too long!  

Everyone was dressed for summer In the office and super happy! I'm just gutted I need to return to reality next week! EXAMS !  

Yesterday I wore: dungaree's, striped shirt and converse!