Work Experience at GRAZIA : Day One.


Today my alarm went off at 5.10 am, I was feeling nervous and excited in equal measures, my purse was feeling a few hundred pound lighter in travel costs and all this was because I was about to start a week working at GRAZIA magazine. Prepare yourself for a cliche here: This is like a dream come true. As I currently study a fashion Journalism degree Grazia is the type of magazine I hope to work at one day..

Anyway, I digress ...

As most of you readers probably have an interest in fashion and beauty and may even want a job in this industry I thought I'd let you know what my week entails with a daily update. There is quite a lot written online about how to apply and the best ways to get in to the extremely tough industry but sometimes part of the fear is not knowing what to expect.

So, after I caught a bus, train and tube to covent garden I went (Starbucks in hand) to Endeavour House. Luckily this is my second work placement with the Bauer Media so I knew where the offices were. When I was greeted by the lovely Editorial Assistant she took me to the offices and introduced them as 'the not so glamourous Grazia offices'.

Picking which outfits to pack for a fashion magazine was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, as when I was told they were casual I didn't think they would have the same idea of causal to myself. However, all the super pretty and super stylish Grazia girls really were casual and some how made one of my current shoe lusts (Nike Air Max's) look sleek. I was also a little star struck by some of the writers I love and stalk dearly...

The first task I was given was to put almost 150 copies of the new (OUT TOMORROW) issue into separate envelopes and then put a sticker with addresses on to each of those.Which meant I got to have a little nosey through! Then the lovely post guy gave me two HUGE sacks of post. I had to separate all the post into desks then into each person on the desk... which took much longer than I planned- but I think I should roughly remember where everyone is sat by tomorrow! A lot of the post was invites and freebies and I noticed the beauty girls getting the new 'MISS GLOSSY BOX' which is released this week - I am very jealous beauty addict!

By this time it was lunch, and yes I took a HELLO KITTY lunch box (cringe)... I was completely overwhelmed with how friendly everyone was at lunch... I got chatting to lot's of the staff and was given the sad news about MORE! magazine.

After my lunch I was given all the competition entries to count - bearing in mind my mathematical skills are a little off I managed to count the two hundred and something entries before inputting information for tomorrows mag into the Grazia database.

I then got to pick up Jane Bruton's (the editor) dry cleaning. I must admit I was really impressed that Jane isn't in her own office tucked away, and that she is sat with the rest of the staff and really seemed a lot of fun. My final task was to research some food related articles and events outside London - which I really enjoyed.

I have LOVED today! and can't wait for tomorrow and the rest of my career in fashion journalism. Below I have showed a image of what I wore today - I will try and take more better photos for the rest of the week!

 Black Skinnies, Black Loafers, Black Blouse,
 Patterned blazer, Rose gold Jewellery and DVF sunglasses

My most challenging part today was getting to grips with a PC as I am so used to a MAC and my favourite part was having my nails complimented by the staff. 

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