Work Experience at GRAZIA : Day Three.

This morning (5am)  was a nightmare, my alarm went off what felt like a lot earlier than the past two days. This caused a big fight between myself and my bed resulting in me loosing and having to get up! Then my next issue occurred in that I didn't want to wear any of the clothes packed. I'm sure any girl will know that feeling, where nothing looks right! Not what you want when your off to grazia! But I settled on a loose fitting vintage shirt and blue jeans. 

Let me tell you despite my morning being disappointing I have had the most amazing day! I arrived in the office at 9.30 to my desk filled with the very tempting party food left overs, and was given a piece to write based on readers tweets- while waiting for the obligatory post duty, which I actually quite enjoy now- this story took me longer than I thought to write, mostly because my computer crashed about 30 times !! And partly because two of the cast members (Olly and Chesca) came into the office- so I just listened to them chat and text all my (mic) fan friends as I couldn't be excited in person! 

This amongst a few other Tasks almost took me up to lunch! The most amazing thing about working in central London is getting to wonder around countless shops after eating! Although covent Garden was exceptionally busy today, which stresses me a little!! 

After Lunch I researched celebrity bridesmaids which was really good fun- I also learnt great ways to find pictures that are not copyrighted - which will really help in my final year project. 

Then before starting another article I had to sort out the editors dy cleaning again- the staff always seem so apologetic when they ask me to but it's a welcome break from the super hot office, and I totally expected these jobs! By the time I had got a little lost at the dry cleaners and got back it was almost 5 and I was given a really great new article to start for tomorrow! 

Today has flown by! And I have loved every second of it! Never in my wildest dreams did I think Grazia would take me on let alone write for their site, and it's so reassuring to have your work shown and to be told your doing well! 

I'm gutted that the end of the week is reering it's ugly head! But I best get some sleep now! 

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What I wore: vintage shirt, DVF sunglasses, skinny jeans, lofas and leather jacket. 

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