Work Experience at GRAZIA : Day Two.

I woke up just before my alarm this morning at 10 to five and had no nerves at all just absolute excitement for the day ahead. After my travel I arrived in the offices early so sat at my desk and read a few copies of the magazine whilst I waited for the office to settle.

My desk is next to one of the writers Zoe Beaty, who is a Sunderland graduate. So I took a bit of time this morning chatting away about the joys of sunderland, our favourite lecturers and THE LIBARY. Talking to Zoe made it all feel quite real. That one day I might to be able to bag a paid position in a magazine that I love, which was really confidence building.

The first task I was assigned was to keep researching articles on food until the post came. And once again two HUGE sacks of post landed at my desk. I managed to get these out much quicker today knowing where most people were sat etc.

After this I was sent out to buy some of the monthly magazines and just see what they are talking about and photocopy some pages. I found this really relaxing - probably because I simple love all things magazine?

The next thing I got to do was play with some pretty Louboutin's and Jimmy Choo's - it was then that I was complimented on my knowledge of fashion! which I was so humbled by.

Then I got to start some writing for the web before lunch. I was really surprised that I was given the opportunity to showcase some writing as I am just a workie... but I grabbed the opportunity getting one piece done before lunch.

During my lunch I took a stroll around covent garden for twenty minutes - where I wished I did a street style blog. Before heading back to my desk to eat. As I had a late lunch I only had a short amount of time left, I was able to write a piece about Lady Gaga's hair - which I really enjoyed as it was a mix of my favourite things: fashion, beauty and celebrity.

At about 5 I was sent out to buy £25's worth of party food for one of the girls birthday - a task I knew I would be great at with my love of sausage rolls, cakes and strawberries. When the email went round about the spread of food the whole office got very excited and I was congratulated on my choice of food (GO MEL!!) For the last half an hour I just researched new gadgets... and the geek in me knew just where to look.

It's been an amazing day - but I am very tired now! 
Today I wore: A midi dress, silk top, and converse. 

What I learnt today:
- be confident in myself
- the news desk is always interesting to listen to
- I love shoes ALOT! 
- always carry chewing gum it gets you in peoples good books! 

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