Budget Skincare Brand: NSPA

I am always on the look out for affordable beauty products, and often find skincare is the hardest to find a budget brand that WORKS! however, low-and-behold I think I have got it. NSPA.

NSPA is an indulgent spa and beauty range by the people at Nirvana Spa, none of their products are tested on animals and they use really good quality products for the cheap price tag. 

I have been using their body spray for a while now, but have only recently tried their skincare and already can't get enough. Their range is sold exclusively at ASDA and includes; skincare,bath, body and haircare. 


I purchased this hydrating mask a few months ago, after a placement. My skin was dehydrated from the early mornings and travelling and it needed a little TLC. The product states: 

       "Treat ultra-thirsty,stressed skin to this deeply nourishing and soothing mask. Packed with moisturising Ginseng and vitamin E,it will restore, calm and soften your complexion."  

And I couldn't say it better myself. It's texture and application is simular to that of a standard moisturiser and you leave it on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off. It has a thick consistency and you can really feel it working. 

I have really dry skin and using this weekly really helps to keep it soft and fresh. If you have normal/dry skin I really recommend this mask, and for only £5.00 it is real beauty bargain.  


Obviously cleansing is the most important part of any skincare routine, it pulls out all of the make-up,grime and residue from the skin leaving it properly clean and cleansed. I have become more of a fan of balm cleaners recently, although I do double cleanse at night. The product claimed: 

    " Packed with moisturising Ginseng and vitamin E, as well as skin enhancing Grapeseed Oil and essential oil of Neroli, it glides effortlessly without dragging the skin, then emulsifies to remove makeup and impurities." 

I have loved using this product the moment it touches the skin it feels like it is melting and really working into the pores pulling out unwanted makeup and dirt from daily life. You then massage water into the skin which leaves a milky residue to rince off. 

For the price this cleanser is surprisingly effective, only needing a tiny blob to cover the whole face. The cleansing gel only costs  £6.00 but could definitely charge much more for the quality.  

Okay, this is no Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, however it is only a mere £7.00, and as far it is a dupes go a pretty decent copy. 

The product is supposed to cleanse and exfoliate the face and neck with the use of just two pumps. For me I like more of a scrub exfoliant that I can really feel working the dead skin cells, however the enzymes in this product do give gentle exfoliation leaving the skin hydrated and clean. 

If you don't like the more grainy exfoliators out there, then I would definitely try this, as it leaves the skin feeling soft and comfortable. It comes with a useful pump that you only need 1-2 pumps of to work into the face. 

The product much like the BOOTS BOTANICAL CLEANING BALM comes with a muslin square and similarly to the boots product is rubbish. You can get cheap muslin and flannels of much better quality elsewhere that will help to get rid of the left over product on the face. 

Wash the product off with warm/hot water to help open the pores. But remember to always rise your face with cold at the end of your skincare regime to close and minimize the look of your pores. 

I am so impressed with all of the NSPA products I have tried and am desperate to try more when I have a little more money in my purse. If you are new to skincare and want to try these products out why not purchase the 
NSPA Beauty Rituals Box Set- which has generous sized travel bottles of: Hot Cloth Polish, melting cleansing gel, Brightening day cream with SPF15 and the illuminating beauty serum. For only £10.00 

Have you tried any of the NSPA range? If so what did you think?? 

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