Hello, today I am going to do the #iheartsummer tag which was created by Miss Glamorazzi. It was created for vloggers to answer but as I am yet to start a youtube channel - do I don't I? I have decided to answer the questions on my blog. ENJOY x

1. Favourite summer Bronzer?
Rimmel Natural Bronzer (£5.59). Rimmel bronzers are something of a nostalgic product for me, something I used throughout my teens and despite owning many bronzers I will always go back to this particular one. It's the perfect terracotta colour - not too muddy or orange and is build-able in colour. 
2. Favourite summer drink? 
During summer for me it is always 'PIMMS O'CLOCK'. I mean I love most cocktails but Pimms is just that taste of summer! They have just released a blackberry and elderflower flavour which is equally as yum! However, if I am not sipping an alcoholic beverage then I'd have to choose peach iced tea! 
3. Favourite lip product?
The Revlon Colour burst Lip Butters (7.99) I have written about these before (here) and think they're a great summer product. They give excellent colour pay off whilst still nourishing the lips in their balmy texture. They have a wonderful selection of colours which are all perfect for summer. Just watch out they don't melt! 
4. Do you prefer the beach or pool? 
This one I found difficult. Basically I hate cold water!!! Like I could be blistered with sun burn and melting literally but I will still not jump in an ice cold pool! However that means I will also not jump in the sea either. Therefore, I choose this based on tranquility and the surroundings. BEACH! I do love laying on a beach watching the waves and getting the odd breeze. 
5.Top summer hair product? 
I don't really like to straighten my hair in summer, and being someone with horribly curly hair I have to find a way to enhance my waves/curls and I find the Charles Worthington salt spray (£6.99) a great product. I just spray a moderate amount into my wet hair before blow drying and it has that perfect matte beach effect! However, I am aware they have reformulated and re-designed the packaging so I can't promise how this looks.
6. Fake tan or Sunbathe? 
Now, I love the sun I mean I can lay out all day in it, but my skin doesn't. I burn very easily and even blister from the sun so for that reason I choose FAKE IT! I seem to hoard false tans and literally own hundreds! But I have chosen my favourite two for gradual and instant. L'oreal Sublime Bronze Gradual tan (£4.66) is one that doesn't smell too awful and I have never experienced it to streak. I always use this one after a holiday to keep up any colour I have achieved. It is just applied like a moisturiser and builds a really natural looking tan over a course of time. My instant one is another old favourite: Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan (£6.99) I always use this before a night out as it builds a slightly darker but natural looking tan that lasts the night, so long as nobody spills a drink in you. 
7. Summer nail colour? 
Ahh! I am a nail varnish addict, so could happy give a list as long as Rapunzel's hair ... But I have narrowed it down to two of the latest additions to my collection. 1. The Barry M Gelly's (£3.99), I literally love these, they have a thick consistency, high colour pay off with one swipe and really beautiful colours -  my favourite are Blueberry and Grapefruit. 
2. The Bourjois Paris 1 Seconde nail gel (£5.99) These have a great wide brush, dry super fast and have become a massive sensation in the blogging world. My most loved colours are Turquoise and Pom. As much as I love these gel varnishes I think they could do with more colours. 
8. Any Summer traditions?
I wouldn't say I have a tradition, other than spending a lot more time with my family. However I have been to Centre Parcs most years of my life. It's one of those places I love! being outdoors, no cars and spending quality time with those I love dearly. 
9. Summer Scent? 
On a budget I would choose the Sarah Jessica Parker NYC perfume (£15.00), it is unbelievably sweet but is a scent that lasts all day and doesn't cost too much! However my favourite perfume ever is the Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb (£75) perfume, it is the perfect mix of sweet and flowery and just perfect for me. 
10. Favourite BBQ food?
OMG! I LOVE BBQ's. Whether it be: burgers, corn, halloumi, kebabs, potato salad, pork, chicken blaa blaa . The only food I don't eat on a BBQ is sausage, it's just not for me. But if I had to choose an absolute favourite it would be a burger, you can't beat a really good juicy burger in a bun with tomato relish. Ok, I want a barbie now!! 
11. Summer proof product?
SPF! Yes I have friends that will use sun beds, factor 8 oil and lay in the sun without using protection what so ever! And yes they laugh at me for slapping on my SPF, but I don't feel embarrassed because I know in the future I will be thankful for looking after my skin. I want a tan as much as the next person, but it is a massive misconception that sun protection will stop you tanning. Further more, many people who snub at those using sun cream are unaware that their foundation often contains spf 15/20. My favourite sun cream is the PIZ BUIN ALLERGY SPRAY (£8.48) I love this as it gives great protection and doesn't cause my sensitive skin to react. My second favourite is the Hawaiian tropic hydration lotion (£14.99) I always carry a travel size bottle of this and it smells amazing! 
12. Any summer plans? 
I haven't got a lot planned for the rest of the summer, I am enjoying being home with my family and boyfriend and not having any uni work to be getting on with. I have one more internship planned, a trip to Centre Parcs and lots of baby sitting and working in a cafe - I know glam! 

I hope you enjoyed my #I HEART SUMMER TAG. 
What's your favourite? 

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