Micellar water's have been a beauty favourite among bloggers and makeup artists now for some time, with everyone who is anyone raving about the wonders of BIODERMA. The waters give a gentle yet thorough cleanse which easily removes makeup, grime and impurities with a simple sweep of a cotton pad/ball. BIODERMA started a trend in the beauty world, but is often hard to get hold of in the UK , so is it any wonder that many of our favourite drugstore names have jumped on the band wagon? Below I will review my favourite: L'OREAL SKIN PERFECTION 3 IN 1 PURIFYING MICELLAR SOLUTION.

I use this product as a makeup remover as it takes off even the toughest waterproof mascara's and lippy without any harsh rubbing or tugging. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean before continuing with my skin care routine.

The water is scentless and doesn't dry out the skin too much, whilst unclogging your pores of any dirt and impurities from the day. Being a water based makeup remover means that it doesn't leave an oily residue, and is far better than using nasty face wipes.

This is great for on the go or holidays when you don't want to be packing 5 different bottles of skincare as it can also be used a toner. I whole heartily recommend this micellar water for people with sensitive skin as well as those who are guilty of being slightly slack in the skin care department, as it leaves the skin feeling super clean with minimal effort. - just pour a little on to a cotton pad wipe across the face an ta da!!

As well as being an all round great product for £4.99 it doesn't break the back either.

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