My week as a fashion intern

Last week I was given the fantastic opportunity to be the fashion and beauty intern at Closer magazine. As readers will know this is my 4th magazine and I am always incredibly grateful and pleasured to be given the opportunity and experience. This was however my first time on a fashion and beauty desk, rather than editorial so I thought I would share my experience.
Early morning alarm, PR sent smothie, I got a free starbucks, Krave cereal, shoes, Curiously Cinnamon, New Kate Moss phone case. 
If you are mildly OCD, have remote claustrophobia or live in high heels, a fashion cupboard is not for you. You are sat in a windowless cupboard, surrounded by a jungle of clothing and when you are not booking in/out those clothes you are running off to the courier room to check for more items that have been delivered. 
That being said I loved it. I am not a greatly tidy person, and like to live in an 'organised mess' more over I, like any other fashion student jump at the chance of being surrounded by pretty clothes and shoes. 
The main role of a fashion intern is to keep on top of the fashion/beauty cupboard. Make sure items are booked in or out, sent to the correct PR's as well as general errand and making the lifestyle team copious cups of tea - thank goodness for cafe experience. 
I feel I have learnt so much from my week at Closer, I was lucky enough to see exactly how a fashion page is put together, got to try out a new product and work with the amazing and friendly team that works hard at pulling together the pages. 
I shared my time with another intern (Sheeva) who was equally as lovely, and I feel we helped each other lots and it was a pleasure to meet and work with someone as interesting and kind - and not the stereotypical 'fashion bitch'. 
Overall this was a brilliant experience, which let me see a totally different side of the magazine industry. And I am happy that I loved every moment of that experience as much as my other editorial placements. 
When I was originally contacted by Matilda the Closer style assistant to do two weeks, I was devastated to only be able to do the one. However after the lovely comments from the team offering me back anytime I wish and leaving with a bag packed with beauty goodies, I will be grateful to return again. I can't thank them enough and can only hope my next placement is as successful. 

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