If you have found this page due to my 'house music' reference in the title, then I apologise as it is in reference to getting a fringe/bang or not... 

I have been growing my hair from a pixie crop style for just over a year and it has come to a point that I need to find a new style. However like most girls I am stuck with a number of decisions... 
fringe or no fringe?
blonde or drown?
ombre or no ombre? 
layers or no layers? 
This is why I have complied my hair inspirations into a collage, it is made from Bloggers, reality stars and celebrities. Most of the styles are a similar length to my own let me know who is your favourite? 
When I have hair envy it is usually for people who can make their curly/wavy tresses work for them, I love that all of these looks can be transferable from classy chic, preppy or grungy. 

Who is your celebrity hair crush!?

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