Louise Gray for Topshop Make Up Brushes

This is one of those never judge a book by it's cover posts. A few months ago I popped into my local highstreet hoping to purchase some new Real Techniques brushes. However, when I saw this beautiful Louise Gray brush set I was blown away. The mint green colour, ombre brushes and rose gold detailing all in a clear travel friendly bag - what was not to love?

Well, I have to admit, I regret being sucked in to a whirlwind of such pretty brushes, as when I got round to using them they caused me some disappointment. The face brushes from this set are too soft and flimsy leaving no control over application and whats more once you have put your favourite face powder on them, they no longer stay that pretty colour. 

The highlight of the collection for me was the blending brush (2nd in from the left) - it works well with cream eyeshadows and leaves a natural look my eye lids. I have also managed to work the slanted brush for both my eyebrows and with a gel eyeliner. 

Overall, I was disappointed in this set and will 100% be sticking to my usual Real Techniques brushes in future. Although I do really adore the packaging, but as they say: "LOOKS ISN'T EVERYTHING."

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