What to take to uni - part three.

Hundreds of A level students across the country found out their results this week and now have the harsh reality facing them of OMG I AM LEAVING HOME!! So now you have all finished partying and celebrating I thought I would add my third 'what you need to take you uni' piece, compiling everything you will need for your new room in halls. 

Just a reminder that different student accommodations have differing rules on what you can and can't take, so don't break them!

See part ONE and TWO
1. posters / wall art - to brighten a dull room. 
2. Nice bedding - choose something comforting and homely. 
3. Photos of home ( use snapfish for buying in bulk or photobox for cool instagram prints)
4. Clothes horse - some uni's do not allow for one. 
5. lamp - for those late night study hours.
6. cute cushions and throws - it helps make your room comfortable and homely.
7. drawing pins & blue tac - perfect for revision tactics and decoration. 

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