If baths and showers were to race a bath would win every time. I know some people find them unclean, but that is only if you are real dirty - in which case yes shower. But there is something truly magical about lowering yourself in to a tub filled with pleasantly warm (okay flipping boiling) water, enriched with luxurious oils/bubbles/salts that feels amazing. 
For me, at the end of a long day at university or work there is little more I want to do than light some candles, grab a mag and lay in the bath with a cuppa or something stronger. And that is where salts come in...

I have mentioned before that I want to try the Therapie Himalayan Detox bath salts, but at a massive £35.00 a tub, that will not be happening anytime soon! So I have dived (literally) into trying a range of salts and have picked out two of my favourites with different price tags, to show you guys. 

 Anyone who knows me well, or has ever lived with me will probably know that the eucalyptus oils that are in this products are a massive contributor to as why this product as won! If you are ever to walk into my bedroom it will smell of one of two things cinnamon or menthol. That is because I put Obas menthol oil (usually for colds) on my pillow most nights - ahh I love it. So when I opened this huge 450g tub, took a breath in and detected a fruity yet menthol smell, I was already in love. 
You only need to use a light sprinkle of the salts to create the desired milky bath effect, which when you lower yourself into feels automatically spa like. The steam from the bath circulates the scent around the room making it easy to breath and relax. I found after using the salts I had a really good nights sleep and any aches and pains were relieved. However, after raving about a product so much you might ask why only 3.5 out of 5? Well I think I am slightly swayed by the scent and after trying some cheaper alternatives know that I can obtain a similar effect for much less. 

Price: £10.99 ** 

Okay, these are cheap - really really really really cheap. And yes I found them relaxing, but I just didn't fall in love. For me, I think it was the colour, I mean salt just isn't colbolt blue, so I was instantly concerned for my sensitive skin - but thankfully it didn't react. 
Other than that it was relaxing and the slight herby smell was pleasant and not overpowering. It didn't send me off in to the land of nod like the burts bee's salts but I was chilled and had noticeably less aches and pains. I would recommend this for those who are looking for a budget salt but just be careful as it ran out quite quickly for me. 

Price: £1.05 

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments or on facebook if you would like to see more; budget vs. luxury posts. 

** This is the standard price but I got it on offer in Debenhams. 

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