We all have those days, weeks or months when our skin breaks out into unsightly blemishes and we all smother our face in stingy lotions and potions in order to look our best ... but I have found a cure. 

This LUSH FRESH FACE MASK isn't the best smelling of the collection but is one that has a noticeable effect on my spotty breakouts. All of the masks in this collection are made entirely out of natural ingredients and therefor must be kept in the fridge, making the application of them super cooling and not at all irritating on the skin. 

With fresh eggs, garlic, honey and green grapes it does sound like a recipe for disaster but the antiseptic ingredients work together to dry out and reduce the redness of spots really quickly. When I first tried this the assistant in the shop told me even some Doctors have recommended this stuff to Acne suffers. 

So don't let those nasty spots keep you locked away any longer, generously slap this over your face for 10 minutes rinse and let it do it's stuff. You'll be surprised by the results. 

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