So, it's a new year and Bloggers everywhere are posting their New Years Resolutions, Instagram is filled with Kale and juicers and Twitter got a whole load of 'New Year, New Me' type tweets... and I ... well I just got a hair cut. 

But the real change for me is my blogging pattern, 2013, for me did not end on a high and for one reason or another has left me re-evaluating a few things like my (lack of) organisation skills , the pressures I put on myself and doing what really makes me happy.  Because it'd be very easy for me to say I'd taken a break in blogging because I didn't have time and that my third year of uni took over my life, but that's a lie. I want to write for a living, write things that I am truly proud of but I also want to be happy and do what I enjoy and the reality is I wasn't. I had got into a habit of writing posts for the sake of writing them, not because I was enjoying it or particularly proud of what I'd written. It was just an added pressure, and I already put enough of that on myself, so I stopped. 

But now, I've thought long and hard as to whether I want to continue, and I do. I used to love my blog, I'd put hours into perfecting a post and editing images until it was something I was proud of - I just need to be more confident with it. I never used to tell my Mum I'd blog,  I'd get embarrassed if my boyfriend had read what I'd written and I never did outfit posts despite the fact people asked me to. Well that is all changing. As of next week there will be approx. 3 posts a week - posts that I am proud to put my name on, show future employers and whats more I enjoyed putting together. 

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