BEAUTY || Acne Scar Miracles.

As if those pesky spots are not bad enough, when they leave those un-sighly brown scars on the skin it feels like they'll never leave. However, after trying what feels like every spot fighting, anti-blemish and pore minimising treatment I think I have found a combination that really works, and what's best is they're all from the high-street to. * I use these products as part of an extensive skincare regime*

The first and most important part of this skin saving regime is to get rid of the spot itself. Now, since my teenage years brands have been breaking promises to me: promising to reduce redness, dry up break outs and simply clear my skin. But finally at the age of 21 I have found a spot treatment that actually works Lush Grease Lightning. As soon as I feel a blemish arising I pop a squirt of this on the affected area and the gel instantly works its magic on reducing the horrid zits. Whether they're hormonal or stress-induced  this wonder product really works at leaving your skin A-list smooth. 

Recently I have become obsessed with using serums and must admit that my two favourites come from The Body Shop. It is the new addition to the vitamin E range that has wowed me and really helped improve the appearance of my skin and clear my acne scars. The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil is an oil textured serum which sinks into the skin, leaving your face looking refreshed and plumped. I know people who suffer with acne and oily skin worry about using oils but this serum sinks in really quickly and leaves your face glowing beautifully and not at all greasy. I'm not sure what science has made this help my brown marks left by spots but I've never found something this good for this price... ever (£12).

Next up is a much hyped product in the beauty world and for a good reason too. La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ has recently been reformulated to not just clear up those horrid spots but also improve the texture of the skin, clearing up the scars left behind by them. So many people cannot live without this product and I am one of them. This little tube of glory is priced at £15.50 and is worth every penny. I use this daily in my most troubled areas before my moisturiser and I have noticed a significant difference in my skin. What is most surprising for a spot treatment is that it is almost hydrating, and certainly not drying or dehydrating.  

Finally, a mask. No skincare routine is complete without a weekly mask and this is something I've struggled with. Whenever I have suffered with breakouts I've turned to my trusty Superfacialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask - however recently my skin has become incredibly sensitive and I can no longer use this mask. After trying a whole host of cleansing masks I finally found one that I love, Soap And Glory No Cloggs Allowed Super Self-heating Deep Pore Detox Mask. This mask can be a little scary at first as it warms up your face, opening your pores and really cleansing deep down in the skin. I love how this feels on my face and leaves my skin clean but not dehydrated, helping to prevent breakouts and banish scars. 

What is your favourite spot treatment? 

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