BEAUTY || Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Spray

I have to use hairspray, I have unruly min-length hair that refuses to stay in place, so for me a good hairspray is crucial. Now, another thing you must know about me - I despise the smell of hairspray. Yup, it takes me back to my ballet days when sat backstage trying to see through a mist of L'Oreal Elnett and chocking half to death on the scent. To this day I cannot use that hair spray. But as you can imagine this need for a decent spray combined with my hatred for the scent can cause quite a drama... that was until now. (click here to buy)

Oh Fudge, how you've transformed my hair. The scent to this is just the icing on the cake, as this is just a really good hair product. It is a strong hold spray, that will keep any style from waves, updos and big curls. The spray does not leave your hair feeling crispy and dry ATALL, which is such a bonus to find a fixing spray that has amazing hold as well as no crispy residue. 

Now, the smell. Ahhh, it reminds me of a summers cocktail it is so sweet and yummy smelling I really have been tempted to drink it. I can't do the scent justice through the written word, but I promise that it's not just the bottle that is utterly beautiful. This hair spray is perrrrfection! 

Have you tried this hairspray? What do you think? 
Any other ballet kids who can't stand the smell of Elnett? 

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