I was hesitant to purchase the miracle complexion sponge (£5.99) , putting it off for a very long time. It took me back to a time back in high school of caked on foundation, when I was new to make up and used a cheap triangle sponge to apply my base. It was never very seamless and if I am honest it used to just be more faff than my fingers or a brush... but how wrong was I? 

This little sponge has changed my life - yep my life. I can now wake up later, reduce how many tools I need to apply my make-up and if I am honest my skin looks way better for it. I love all of the Real Techniques brushes, they have always caused me nothing but pure joy - the results have always been impressive but nothing like this sponge. 

The slanted edge (shown in pic no 2) is amazing for applying foundation, the shape allows you to get right in by your nose and eyes and applies a really sheer base that is perfect for spring. If you dab the sponge in areas you need slightly more coverage it packs more product onto the skin without looking cakey at all. I find this gives a light yet flawless application and I've been swapping my buffing brush for this every single day recently. 

Then there is the pointy edge, which allows you to apply an even coat of concealer. I love this to dab around my eyes and on any blemishes, it works in the concealer again leaving a lightweight coverage.  I do like this, and it truly is an amazing shape however my bags are pretty terrifying and I often need to go in a little heavier on the ol' under eye circles. 

As if this wasn't good enough there are two more uses!! Yup two!! 

The shorter flatter side (again shown in pic two) of the sponge is perfect for applying your setting powder. I use this to lightly dab/roll my powder across my T-Zone and face - I find this does give a slightly heavier coverage than a huge brush but one that looks more seamless and photo ready. So if you have any dry areas I might avoid this step as it might be too much. 

Finally, the longer more rounded side (in pic one) is great for liquid/cream blushers. In fact I'd go as far as to say this is THE best way to apply a cream blush. It gives a real sheer yet buildable flush to the cheeks perfect for a dewy summertime look. I love using this with my bright Topshop cream blush (in flush), as I often find it easy to apply too much of this with my fingers and a brush. However, dabbing a highly pigmented blusher on with this sponge it is near impossible to look like a clown! HORRAH! 

I seriously cannot recommend this budget beauty blender enough. It is so brilliant for an all rounder and if you're new to makeup will save you on buying a selection of brushes. I also think it is pretty fool proof to get a great application. I would deffo recommend this for a holiday as it would save on packing space, and wedding makeup when you don't want your face to look caked but want it photo ready and flawless. 

Have you tried this beauty blender? What is your fave Real techniques Tool? 

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