I hope that you're all scoffing chocolate shaped eggs left by a giant bunny, and washing down a giant roast dinner with family. But, I thought I'd show you all what I have been lusting over recently... As I know these are popular posts. 

1. Olivia Burton Watch - £72
Now, don't get me wrong I adore my Michael Kors watch, but just recently I've been lusting over something a little more dainty and timeless. Last year I got my boyfriend a rose gold Daniel Wellington watch, which is super beautiful - and I was jealous. However, watches are so extensive!!! But this is such a cute watch and at a reasonable price too. I adore it. 
2. Tibi Organza Midi Skirt - £430
If your reaction is anything like my boyfriends it'll go something like "four hundred and thirty bloody pounds!!!?" But this skirt is what my dreams are made of. I obsessed with Organza midi skirts, and this is so well structured and classic looking that I have fallen in love. So if anyone wants to buy me this then feel free. No? ok. 
3. Warehouse Top - £40
I really think Warehouse is underestimated on the hughstreet. They are one of the best shops to flatter my body shape, and they always have such lovely cuts and structured that I can't really fault. This top is really timeless and I love that splash of neon. 
4. Lavish Alice Playsuit - £44
I am obsessed with powder blue at the moment. And lavish Alice never have a huge selection of clothes but they always have things that I think are typically my style. I think this is a real daytime to evening piece that will look on so many people. 
5. New Look Skorts - £17.99
These are everywhere at the moment, and I love my black ones but think a pastel pair will be great for summer. They're easy to wear and New Look has a HUGE range of shades. Beautiful. 
6. Zara Blue bowling Bag - £25.99
Zara bags are always on point, and this is no exemption. The bright colour is perfect for the blue trend we're seeing this summer and the shape is cute too. 
7. Topshop Sunglasses - £16
I am usually a sunglasses snob always picking my designer pairs over a high street equivalent. Just recently however I haven't got over these sunnies. The picture online does them no justice but go in store and look they're so purdy. They're a gorgeous powder blue with this vintage style flat top shape. It' just whether with no holiday booked and UK weather, I can justify buying them?! 

What have you got on your wish list? 

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