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Okay, let me take you back three years aged 18, I didn't really like tea. It was just a drink that grown-up's drank and me after a night on the town. However, after moving to uni I was suddenly submerged into a world of tea drinking. I have my dear friend and housemate Ellie (who can really drink all the tea in china) to thank for getting me into tea. 
Anyways, life story over I have since then started to try new tea's, embracing their different flavours and health benefits but that brings me onto these two little wonders. 
Pukka tea wasn't a brand I was familiar with until recently and boy have I fallen in love, let's start by admiring their beautiful kitsch packaging! I love how all of the boxes represent the flavours and whats more they don't look cluttered in your kitchen. 
Now, let me start with the Original Chai flavour, actually let me start by telling you how much I freaking love cinnamon, and when questioning why the hell I'd never tried chai tea before?! This stuff is like a spiced yummy explosion in my mouth. Now, I can't imagine this is for everyone as I am someone that east cinnamon on almost anything, but even I found this quite strong at first. But if you like spiced flavourings then this little taste sensation (sorry Walkers)is like a party in your mouth! 
But, my favourite is the Peppermint and liquorice flavour. I hate liquorice, so you might wonder what on earth possessed me to try this, and that was a recommendation from Amelia here. I've always been a big fan of peppermint tea's, they're great for calming a nervous stomach and helping you to relax as well as tasting simply delicious. This has the yummy freshness of a normal mint tea with a little added sweetness coming through, the sweet liquorice is almost an after note and is nowhere near as strong as the peppermint flavouring. I have been drinking two of these a day recently and can safely say that I am addicted. 

Have you tried Pukka Tea? What flavour do you recommend next?! 

I know this post is a little different, but I hope you liked my tea life story and recommendations. If there is anything you'd like to see on my blog be sure to comment. 


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