On Sunday mornings I always like to treat myself to a delicious breakfast, something that every bite of makes me squirm with deliciousness and that I never want to end. I think it is the perfect way to finish off a busy week. Anyway, this was my breakfast last Sunday, and I thought I'd show you how easy yet scrumptious it is. 
- 2x slices bread (gluten free or normal white break will work)
- 1/2x banana 
- 1x egg 
- Peanut Butter 
- Cinnamon Sugar ( I get it pre mixed from Aldi but if not just mix them) 
- Coconut oil
- Natural Greek Yogurt
-Frozen Berries
- Agave Nectar


1) Remove crust from bread and flatten with a rolling pin, or just your hand will work fine. 
2) Crack egg into a wide bowl and whisk gently, until yolk and whites are one colour.
3) Fill the centre of the bread with peanut butter and banana, in a straight line. 
4) Pop a tsp of Coconut oil into a frying and allow to heat up. 
5) Roll up your bread into a wrap shape, you might have to play about with the peanut butter in order to get it to stick at the ends. 
6) Dunk and roll in egg, there is no clean way of doing this get your hands dirty! Ensure all of the wrap is coated in egg! 
7) Pop on the pan, and heat until golden and swap sides. This takes about 2/3 minutes each side. 
8) Serve onto a plate,and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. 
9) I used yogurt and berries to accompany mine, and topped with extra banana, but I think most fruits etc will be tasty. 

What is your favourite breakfast? Let me know if you try and make this at home! 

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