FOOD || The Living Food Company Blueberry Cheesecake

I LOVE CHEESECAKE! Have I told you this? I really really love cheesecake, I don't like a slice of cheesecake I enjoy devouring an entire cheesecake to myself. The creamy topping against the crunch base ... oh my. 

But, with trying to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle cheesecake had to go! Not for good, but saved for a rainy day rather than a weekly treat. However, when I saw the Living Food Company's cheesecakes in The Whole Foods Market - I picked it up without a second glance. 

Boasting the fact that it was better for me and free of Gluten, Dairy and Soya I felt like this was a good treat rather than one I'd need to work off for over a week! It was also reasonably priced at just over £2.

The verdict? well I really enjoyed it! Ok, it wasn't identical to a cheesecake, but it was never going to be, However, it tasted amazing. The main taste was 100% of coconut, which was in the base. The texture was super creamy and yummy and left my sweet tooth feeling thoroughly satisfied, and me feeling guilt free. 

I whole heartily recommend these mini pots of yumminess, with a selection of flavours and just enough to fill your pudding or snacking hole. 

Have you tried any not-so-naughty treats? Which have you tried? 

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