BEAUTY || BENEFIT DUPE : Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock

Yes, everyone has read the hype around Benefit's recent release of the They're real push up liner, a noir black gel formula eyeliner that is deposited in a twist-up slanted pen. And yes it is amazing the only thing is, this Maybelline dupe is almost identical. 

Now, let me tell you I am awful at eyeliner, that oh so cool cat flick that everyone does is like hieroglyphics to me, with my shaky hands and rushed mornings it is safe to say I am just useless at the whole eyeliner lark. But... this stuff means even people like me can do an alright cat flick - oh yeah! Can I join the cool bloggers club now? 

Even playing on the back of my hand it is clear that these gel pens (not the scented ones from school!) are able to give a super skinny and neat line that the felt tip liquid liners just don't give me. Once this stuff has dried, it is like permanent marker and there ain't no budging it. I find the slanted tip means that I can push the applicator real close to the lash line and get a sleek line. Now, I've gotta be honest with you all, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the big blob that comes out when you first twist the eyeliner up, I find popping the splodge on the back of my hand works! However, this is an issue I had with the Benefit and Maybelline versions. 

Overall, if you're desperate to don a cat flick but are sick of looking like you let a small child draw it on, then this is for you! and why pay more when you can pay less!! 

Maybelline - £8.99
Benefit - £18.50

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