BEAUTY || Garnier Hair Polishing Scrub Review

Yep, you read that right a hair scrub. Nope, I'd never heard of such madness in my life either and that is why I decided to try it out for you guys and see what I thought. It was either going to be a massive gimmick or an absolute genius product. 

I have been using and loving the Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoos and conditioners that come in a variety of different blends for varying hair types, I've found these to leave my hair silky soft and really hydrated. So, I decided to go into this exfoliant with an open mind. 

So this is a creamy hair mask style product which claims to polish those pesky split ends, similar to one of those cream exfoliators we used as a teen. You pop this on damp hair for one minute and then rinse off. In hope that this will have left your hair silky smooth and split end free. 

The Verdict? Well, I have been using this for just over a month and although my hair has been in significantly better condition I feel this is also down to the shampoo and conditioner rather than this 1 minute wonder. It smells nice, doesn't take too much time in the shower but I personally cannot understand how or why your hair needs exfoliating? Surely if it did one of the bigger brands would have got there first? 

Anyways, I won't be repurchasing this but it is a unique albeit a slightly gimmicky product that has done no harm to my hair at all. 

Have you tried the Garnier Ultimate Blends range? What do you think? 

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