Okay, some of you reading this will have no idea what MND (Motor neurone disease) is, and those of you who do will be wondering why a fashion and beauty blogger is writing about the topic, but here is why...

As we approach the end of June, we also approach the end of MND awareness month, a cause that is close to my heart. I have been toying with ideas on how I can help all month, how I can raise any awareness what so ever and that is when I decided to dedicate a post to it, on my little corner of the internet. Even if one person reading this shares it, donates or just learns what the illness is I am happy. I already donate whenever I can, but me alone cannot find the cure they need.


lets travel back 10 years, I was 11 years old and soon to be starting secondary school, but there was one major difference in my life I had a Nan. My Nanna was my bestest friend, spoilt me rotten and helped my family no end, she really was the best Nan I could have wished for. However, one day walking home after school she tripped on the road side, breaking her arm - laughing it off, little did we realise this was the start of MND.
My Nan having a Knitting session in the sun

After this fall my Nan, got decidedly clumsier tripping over her feet almost everyday and struggling to walk far. After months of tests and travelling to varying hospitals we were told my Nan had a rapid form of MND, a cruel debilitating disease that has no cure.

From then my entire families lives changed, My Granddad became my Nanna's Carer, We went Nan Sitting most evenings and they had to move from their well-loved family home to a little bungalow close by. My nan quickly lost the use of her legs entirely, then her arms and finally most heartbreakingly her speech. But, she never lost her personality.
Grandad, Nan, Me and Dad - I LOVE THIS IMAGE 

MND affects the muscles in the body, effectively eroding them making them completely inactive. The hardest part for many sufferers is that their brain still works perfectly fine, meaning they are able to completely understand what i happening to them, knowing that it is just a matter of time until they are gone, but they're often unable to communicate, in a way they once could. Everything I have ever read from someone who has MND and from what I understood from my Nan is that they feel an immense amount of burden, that they are hindering their families lives. I know this is something that tortured my Nan, feeling like we were having to look after her, but I can say from my heart I'd do it 100x over, as for us and many other families it was about giving my Nan a comfortable and enjoyable last few months.
Great Grandma & Nan
But, I really feel that with awareness donations and support a cure can be found or something that can help those suffering having a better quality of life. My Nan had a very rapid type of MND and only lived 18months after diagnosis, but for some the life expectancy is far more. Nothing is going to bring my Nan back to me, nothing will give her the opportunity to see me graduate next month, nothing will give her the opportunity to meet my beautiful little sister, but I still work hard to make her proud. I was only 11 when my amazing Nan passed but I will never forget what an impact she had on my life. I look up to her still, in hope that I can be the supportive, friendly and caring woman that she was.

So, if you do one thing today share this, tell a friend about MND, donate money or even read up on what MND is. JUNE IS MND AWARENESS MONTH and we CAN do something. Many lives have been lost fighting this illness but I feel strongly that if we can help one person it will be a success.

Nan, I hope I have done you proud and know I think of you everyday - you are my inspiration *x 


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