EATS || Green machine smoothie recipe.


Green smoothies, they look vile, can often taste of the ground, but you'll look like an A list superstar drinking them right? There is no getting away from the fact that drinking a bright green juice or smoothie has become 'cool' but when made with the right ingredients they are also pretty good for you too. It has taken me a while to perfect my green smoothie so that it is not only healthy but tastes damn good too. I drink this for an on the go breakfast - it is nutritious, filling and a great source of pre-work out protein. 

- 1 large handful of raw spinach / kale (image above uses spinach) 
- 1 whole kiwi
- 1 whole pear, without skin 
- 1 whole apple, without skin 
- 1/2 frozen banana 
- 1/2 an orange 
- 3 tbsp of oats 
- 2 cups on water

How to do it 
1. peel all fruit and chop into small segments
2. squeeze the juice of the orange into your blender
3. throw all of the ingredients into a blender, try putting softer fruits at the base
4. whizzzzzzzzzzzz - blend it up until it is bright green and a yummy smooth texture

** NOTE this may contain seeds, if this is not something you like then be sure to strain it before drinking. 

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