FASHION|| Where to shop when you have BOOBS!

Ahh, fashion. How I adore you, the way you look, the way you feel but very rarely the way you FIT. When it comes to fashion it is always advertised on petite little ladies, with athletic/boyish figures, so when did fashion miss the memo that WOMEN HAVE BOOBS!

So, I was an early bloomer. I was the 14 year old with the Double D's that the boys used to gawp at and the girls used to be jealous of but me? I hated it. I had crippling back ache, I was way too skinny for such ballooning bosoms and no clothes ever fitted me right. And despite having grown into my chest a lot more since growing up, they have always been something of a conscious area for me - despite other girls always wishing they had 'big boobs'.

 I am a 30 FF (TMI? I hope not.) and I take a 28" waist so more often than not clothes are either gaping at my chest or make me look like I am 7months pregnant. What makes it worse is, I LOVE CLOTHES. I have studied fashion, I have lusted over fashion and it pretty much takes up 99% of my time and money. Yet, sometimes it is hard to know where to shop. I like to find things that either flatter my waistline or conceal my breasts so that most people don't even know that they're there.

So, Long story short I am going to share with you three places that I always rely on when I am struggling to find that special outfit that flatters my womaness.

* I do shop elsewhere, these are just my favourite places to shop for a flattering outfit.*

1) WAREHOUSE      Dress || Jumpsuit || Playsuit

2) NEW LOOK      Dress || Playsuit || Shirt 

3) DOROTHY PERKINS     Jumpsuit || Top || Dress

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