Howdy! I don't usually do these types of posts, as I prefer to tell you things I like rather than the ones I don't - and often think it is a matter of skin type and preference. But these are products that were highly recommended and that I was excited to try before they disappointed me. *This is only my opinion* 
1 //TOPSHOP VELVET LIPS// I got this back in the winter while looking for a deep red matte shade of lipstick/gloss. I had read a few reviews online saying this was really nice, pigmented and matte without being drying so of course I got it. Personally I find this to apply patchy and not evenly across the lips at all. Despite drying to a matte finish it is easily smudged across the face and just not what I look for in a bold lip product. It is such a shame as I LOVE Topshop make up but for me this was a disappointment. 

2 //RIMMEL SALON PRO NAIL POLISH\\ Oh how I lusted over these, the cute names the gorgeous shades and the raving reviews. It wasn't long before I succumbed to the hype getting my hands on two shades (Hello Mr Darcy and Hip Hop) and although they were easy to apply and had fantastic colour pay off - my god did they chip?! Holy moly! they were off my nails almost instantly even with a top coat. This is such a shame as I love the shades but the formula just didn't do it for me.

3 // BOURJOIS CREAM BLUSH\\ I always have been a cream blush fan, I love the finish it gives the ease of application and how compact they can be, so when I got this I was very excited. Last year or so when this mini cream blush was released it had excellent reviews and is still often mentioned today , but I didn't get on with it. I found this incredibly difficult to blend with it often looking stark and patchy on my cheeks. And the balmy consistency was just a little too sheer for my liking. I'll stick with my Revlon and Topshop for cream blushers I think. 

4 // REVLON COLOURSTAY MOISTURE LIP STAIN\\ This is certainly my most gutting disappointing product. But I have tried to like it, but just don't. The formula, the shade just nothing seemed to make it work for me. I have heard so many great reviews for this product and part of me wonders if i will prefer it in a brighter shade... But I don't know if it is worth spending the money on. 

5 // L'OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE CC CREAM\\ So many friends had told me this was a fab light base for summer, really blends with your skin tone blaa blaa. This did not blend with mine at all - in fact it left me with those oh so horrendous tide marks where it was so incredibly dark on me! It felt tight on my face and didn't really colour correct at all on my skin.

6 // EYEKO LASH CURLER \\ I can honestly say these handles blow my mind. They're supposed to help me curl my lashes but I can't get any in the device they al slip out which I blame on the handles. But for some unknown reason I won't give up on them. I have had these for about 6 months and am still determined to get a beautifully curled lash with them one day ... I hope!

7 // COLLECTION 2000 BIG FAKE ULTIMATE MASCARA\\ This was never a product that caught my eye despite being a huge fan of the collection 2000 stuff. But after hearing a few of my favourite beauty bloggers recommend it, I had to buy it. But unlike what they had said I found this clumpy and gloopy. When I managed to apply it to the lashes it did look great but more times than not I ended up crying black tears where yet another blob had fallen into my eyes. Not cool.

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