It is no secret that I am trying to eat a little healthier, being a serial binge eater and chocolholic has done my body and moods no favours and I have slowly incorporated new foods into my daily life to help me create a well balanced diet and excursive regime. This is not so much about weight loss as it is becoming a happier healthy person, but I am trying to swap some podge for muscle, yes. 

I have one serious issue, snacking. I have about 30 seconds between feeling peckish to wanting to kill someone with hanger (hungry-anger) so now I always pop a little handbag sized snack into my bag to curb the hunger pangs. Here are the yummiest things I have found so far... 

NAKD - Cahsew cookie 

Mmm, this bar. They come in a range of flavours but this is the right amount of sweet and nutty for my little taste buds. At only 135 calories per bar and no artificial sugars or bad stuff this is a scrum my melt-in-the-mouth bar you need to taste. They're available in most supermarkets and health food shops and honestly taste much better than they sound, and stop me dreaming of dairy milk! Which is always a winner. 


NAKD - Strawberry crunch 
Not as indulgent as the cashew cookie flavour, but this crunchy bar tastes just as delicious. I have tried other flavours in the range but these are my two favourites for sure. The fruity taste is sweet enough to stop me wanting pudding but without tasting artificially sweet. Again, this bar is filled with only good things and keeps me going until my next meal - even through a workout. 


EAT NATURAL - Minis (all flavours) 
I fell in love with the Eat Natural brand a few years ago when I gave up wheat and dairy (which I now eat) as they're filling and full of ingredients that I am happy to be putting in my body. But, little did I know that you could buy packs of the bitesize minis... oh my! I love all of the flavours but the bitesize mini pack comes with teeny versions of the standard bar in three of their best-selling flavours. I can't fault a single one as they all curb my hunger and make me feel great after eating them. I just wish I could buy their popcorn & peanut flavour in miniature too.... Mmmm. 


so of all the things I have tried so far these are by far the best for helping with the hunger and calming my ever lusting sweet tooth. If you'd like to see what I eat on a daily basis follow my food instagram account on @mlsxxeats 

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