UNI GUIDE: Three books to read before studying fashion

Every year at this time I create a guide of what to take to uni, but this year I am doing things a little different. I am now creating a small series of posts that are targeted at specific areas of uni as a little survival guide. I will link all of my previous uni related posts below for you to browse :) 

As you may know I have recently finished my degree as a fashion journalism student, and have serious envy of anyone about to go into freshers and live a carefree studious life for a year. But, I do remember worrying before I started that my fashion knowledge wouldn't be apt, or what if I should read some books before I start. And looking back these are three books I would recommend you browse through before starting any fashion related course - because soon you're going to be bombarded with reading lists so enjoy these while you can! 

1) The little dictionary of fashion, by Christian Dior
As the title would suggest this is an A-Z of every word you need to know in fashion from cuts, patterns and designers with handy descriptions to help understand the meaning. It is beautifully illustrated and comes with some helpful tips for any woman to live by! This will help any aspiring fashionista come up-to-speed with all of the basics they need to know in fashion

2) Confessions of a fashionista - The good, the bad and the botox , Angela Clarke .
This is a hilarious read that'll have you laughing throughout. The book based on the Daily Mail columnists journey into fashion is filled with glamour, gossip and graft of the fashion industry and the reality of being an intern/junior. With heartbreaking tales of her relationships this is an easy read that will make you forget that you're learning about the industry you love while laughing out loud. I don't recommend reading this on public transport as I have had quite some looks giggling into my book. 

3) 50 Fashion designers you should know, Simone Werle. 
This book was my saviour through my degree. Whenever I needed to bulk out a fashion essay or just understand more about a designers history this was my go-to book. It is really simple to read and gives a basic yet insightful look into the 50 most celebrated and important fashion designers. 

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