BEST OF BUDGET BEAUTY WEEK: Wilkinson's beauty

If you follow my Facebook page you will know that this week is all about the best in budget beauty. For an entire week I will be running through some new finds and old favourites all with an affordable drugstore price tag. So be ready for some serious bargain and make up lusting. 
Today's post is covering my favourite beauty pieces from Wilkinsons. When i was a student Wilko's was my favourite shop, they seriously sell everything (bar clothes) at awesome purse friendly prices, but they have recently upped their beauty game and I for one am IMPRESSED! So here are my thoughts on my favourites so far! 

1) SKIN THERAPY - Overnight calming blemish serum (£2)
I have recently had a crazy break outs whereby my skin resembled a dot-to-dot colouring book and they were some big painful pimples. So, I thought I'd try out this overnight serum, which contains Tea Tree and salicylic acid to combat the pesky little blighters! I must say for a couple of quid I am very impressed. The treatment doesn't leave my skin too dry and tight and really gets to work on reducing the size of my zits! It is comfortable to sleep in and the scent is not too strong. I literally work a pea-sized amount of this on my skin after my evening skincare routine before moisturiser and pop to sleep. I would recommend this to people with young skin or students who like to party hard! as it is really affordable and a good product for the price. Don't think this will work miracles for just £2, but it certainly helps! 

2) WILKO MAKE UP BRUSHES - Stippling brush & rounded blender (£3 each)
Let's start by getting the elephant out of the room, in terms of the way they look it is clear that they have completely copied my favourite makeup brushes, Real Techniques. But, for a fraction of the price these are a really great alternative to more luxury makeup brushes. Wilkinson's have produced a huge line of their new brushes (not all available online) but these are my two favourites. The stippling brush is ideal of applying foundation and cream blushes, it gives a very natural and sheer finish to any  liquid foundation. The blending brush, isn't much of a blending brush. If you're looking for a MAC 217 dupe don't pick this up! But, I'd say it is perfect for packing on product and giving a real opaque wash of colour to the lids. Both of the brushes have washed very well and kept their shape. 

3) WILKO - Lip Service Apricot Lip Scrub (£2)
This was the first thing I tried from Wilko's new range and I must say I was really blown away. I have been very loyal to my Lush lip scrub now for many years but this is a cheaper alternative that leaves my lips equally as soft! The scent of the scrub is sweet but not too sickly and buffs away any dry skin with ease. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from flaky lips or likes to wear bright lipsticks as it'll look after your lips and leave them kissable. 

4) Essence - Lip liner 08 red blush (£1)
Essence is a brand I am really excited to now have in the UK, and has so far not disappointed. I love this lip liner, cheaper liners can often be chalky and too matte but this is a great creamy texture that doesn't drag the lips and contours really well. I've been using this under some of my favourite plum lipsticks and have found them to last a lot longer. I am so impressed with this that I am keen to try out a lot more from the range. Would you like to see an Essence overview? I choose this deep plumy red which I think would look good on a multitude of skin tones. 

Have you been in the Wilkinson's beauty aisle? 

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