So, is anyone else as obsessed with pinning interiors as I am on Pinterest? You must be! Well just lately I have been compiling inspiration for my dream home and thought I'd share three rooms with you and how to get the look on a budget!

YELLOW & GREY KITCHEN - I adore this colour scheme for a kitchen, it is bright yet clean and chic. I love a modern kitchen and have become obsessed with this colour scheme.

1- Coffee Machine (£99.99) 
What modern kitchen is complete without a coffee maker? This bright yellow one will help (along with the caffeine) to wake you up in the morning. 
2- Oven Glove ( £8)
For me if you have a colour scheme in your kitchen, it must be followed through in your textiles! I adore this oven glove it looks great and also comes with matching tea towels! 
3- Mug (£1)
Budget alert! For just a quid you can have this gorgeous mug that'll look great in your bright kitchen! 
4- Storage Jars ( £10.95)
In gradient tones of grey these storage jars will look great in most kitchens, great for storing teas, coffees, biscuits and treats! 

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