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As you may, or may not know I am a huge Rimmel Apocolips fan. The original formula set the beauty world a storm when they released their high shine lip lacquer's to the drug store about a year and a half ago. Well, those geniuses down at Rimmel have been working on their formula and have now released a matte velvet lip lacquer, in 5 shades. All of the shades are really wearable and a great selection of bolds and a nude. I went for the shade orange-ology, which is a deep orange toned red, which looks great on a number of different skin tones. 

I have to admit a year or so ago I wouldn't have touched a matte lipstick but I have become obsessed with all of the new drugstore releases and just how long lasting a matte formula can be! This is possibly the most hydrating matte lip stain I have ever used, it doesn't dry to a powdery feel but more of a just matte look. I really like the way this dries, to a flat matte yet not chalky or drying finish that can be built to create a WOW factor lip look. As with all of the Apocolips the doe foot applicator is super easy to use with just the right amount of flex to it and the formula itself is pigmented to a new level. BRIGHT! Ok, as it isn't the mattest lippy I have ever come across it doesn't have the lasting power of say the hourglass one, but it always fades in a much more subtle less clumpy way which is a win in my eyes! And costs a fraction of the cost. 

I am sure to be purchasing some of the darker shades to add to my Rimmel Lipstick collection. 

Have you tried these yet? 

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