Incase you didn't know I am a magazine junkie. I spend a disgusting amount of money on them and even keep quite a few of them. So, when Leoni Blue the Editor of Noctis asked if I wanted to read their latest edition of the magazine I couldn't say no. 

Noctis was started in 2011, as something a little different from the mainstream media. An online magazine that showed everything from fashion, music and culture. This however is their first ever print edition... and my opinion? I LOVE IT! 

I really enjoy a magazine with a bit of imagination, whose photography takes my breath away and makes me feel inspired. And that is the first thing I noticed when flicking through, the photography is little pieces of arts on each page all individual and creative while sitting perfectly on the page. Then there is design, as someone who created my own magazine at university I am impressed by anyone who goes out of the mainstream in their design. I love the whole look and feel of Noctis and feel it is the perfect little magazine to look at. If I had to put this mag on a pedal stool and genre t I'd put it in a similar vain to ID, POP and Wonderland with stunning images and imaginative, dark imagery throughout. 

Then there is the writing, ahh! I loved the interviews, topics and the way in which it was written in an intelligent and compelling way - I read it in just two days! 
If you want to get your hands on this magazine click here. 

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