I have mentioned time and time again my inability to have good eyebrows. They grow at different speeds, never have a nice shape and I am useless at filling them in. However, I have made a conscious effort in recent to improve the latter. I've been trying A LOT of products to help me achieve a natural yet well groomed brow, and have left the house on occasion with some quite horrendous slug brows (thank god for the full fringe). 
But I have found two budget products that I love and have made my brows a bit better than before. 

Soap and Glory, Brow Archery pencil & brush (Hot Chocolate) - £8.00 (link here)
I think every blogger and her brother have mentioned the felt tip version of this eyebrow pencil, but the idea of felt tipping my brows was one that filled me with terror. But, when perusing Boots I noticed this pencil I had to purchase it. I love Soap and Gory makeup, I have rarely been disappointed by something I've tried and this is no exception. The pencil is super duper thin allowing you to really mimic the look of real hairs and fill the eyebrow in naturally - in fact it really reminds me of the Anastasia brow whiz pencil.  This shade is a really natural grey toned brown which suits my brows perfectly and the waxy formula is long lasting and easy to work with. I find the spooly on the end really effective in brushing through product and neatening unruly brows. I cannot fault this pencil and recommend it to fellow brow noobs like myself. 

Rimmel, Brow this way styling gel (Mid Brown) - £3.99 (link here)
Who isn't jumping on the tinted brow gel hype? I'm not complaining I love these little one swipe wonders. After the release of Benefits Gimme Brow everyone is buying into them and I am hooked. This is a fairly new release from Rimmel and one that has really impressed me. Ok the brush is a little big and it does pick up a tad more product that needed, but guys it is only £3.99 in comparison with Benefits £17.50! I find this leaves my brows slightly tinted and looking fuller in the sparse places as well as setting them all day without making them crispy and dry. On days when I simple cannot be arsed this is my go to product to make me look a little more put together. I personally really recommend this especially if you're on a budget or looking for a natural brow look. 

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