As you may or may not know I am a self-confessed sugar addict trying really hard to give it up. My favourite foods consist of chocolate, cake and syrup and I crave them on a daily basis. But that's the thing with an addiction once you crave it you just gotta have it. The problem with sugar is that it increases weight gain, rots your teeth, gives you low mood and generally makes you feel crap! So a few months a go I decided to make a conscious effort to cut down on sugar. No, I've not gone cold turkey and if you were to offer me a twirl right now I'd probably accept but I now use sugar as an occasional treat rather than a food group like healthy fats, protein and carb. I know giving up sugar has been a huge thing recently so I thought I'd show you what I use to curb the sweet craving without munching on processed sugars. *I know these are not the healthiest foods in the world, but they're 100x better than processed white sugars*

I QUIT SUGAR - SARAH WILSON £7 - link here 
I love this book. I found it not only useful but just a really interesting read. Here Sarah Wilson gives an 8 week sugar detox along side some beautiful recipes. OK, I didn't take this book to literally as Sarah Wilson obviously is much stronger willed than me when it comes to sugar but I learned a lot about what contains sugars (natural and processed) and some really great recipes. I recommend this book to anyone trying to obtain a healthier (sugar-less) lifestyle. And it's beautifully written, photographed and designer - but maybe only nerds like me care about that stuff! 

AGAVE NECTAR £2.50 - link here
There is a lot of debate as to whether masking sugars with fructose is actually better for you, but so long as you're not throwing a bottle of this on your porridge in the morning I think it is. (I'm no nutritionist). This is the perfect alternative to sugar and it is much sweeter than white sugar so you use a lot less. The texture is a more watered down honey but it works great in baking and breakfasts for a sweet touch that doesn't give you unnatural energy spiked like the synthetic sugars do. It also has a really low GI value which white sugar does not. 

STEVIA £3.25 - link here
This for me is like guilt-free white sugar. It comes from the stevia plant and is calorie free! So no guilt! You need 1/3 of a teaspoon to get the same sweetness as a teaspoon and this is great in your tea, coffee and in baking. I really can't taste the difference between this and artificial sugars and don't hate myself for plopping it in my tea of a morning. I've even used it for cinnamon sugar on toast and it tastes just as yummy as the big bad sugars. 

SWEET FREEDOM - CHOC SHOT £3.59 - link here
Boy oh boy do I love this. squirt it on porridge, in a hot drink, on toast, on a banana ... the possibilities are endless. This tastes just like chocolate sauce but is only 14 calories!! If like me you're a chocoholic this is like singing to your ears. Ahh! I can't get enough of this bottle of yumminess. I've even converted my 7 year old sister too! It is basically made from fructose from natural fruits and a few other whole food ingredients but I assure you this stuff is TO DIE FOR! 

This is probably one of my most used sweeteners for it's taste. It falls somewhere between a honey and a syrup taste and yet is ridiculously low in calories! I squirt this on yogurt, fruit, porridge, baking, chicken, and anything else I think needs some extra taste. 1tsp is 13 calories and so it doesn't sit on your thighs or love handles like a bottle of golden syrup would! And trust me I used to eat a lot of that stuff! I recommend this to anyone who loves squirting syrup on foods or in baking and you'll be surprised just how good it tastes. Just like the choc shot it is made up of fructose so it's almost like one of your 5 a day ... right?! (no, it's not by the way!)

This is a new must-have in my collection and I am already a fan. who doesn't love butterscotch? Well this is a butterscotch syrup with: zero calories, zero protein, zero carbs, zero fat, zero sugar you get the just... It is incredibly runny but tastes good on most things and I feel no guilt at all for eating this. They have hundreds of flavours and I am deffo getting some more soon! If you just love adding some flavour to your foods I totally recommend this to you! 

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