Bath Time Bliss

The best thing about winter is baths. Ok, I take baths occasionally all year round but in Autumn / Winter there really is no better feeling that a nice long soak in a warm boiling bath with some really luxurious products. I have so many bath products, and love such a long list that I couldn't possibly discuss them all in one post (hint hint there will be more), but here are three of my most blissful bath must haves. 

- 1 - Therapie Himalyan Bath Salts £37

Oh jeez! These are a pricey bath essential. The thing is, I wanted to hate these, say that they're not worth the hype and simply just be totally dismissal about the salts, but... I can't. I have serious issues sleeping, well basically I don't sleep. But if there is an evening that I could really do with some extra ZZZ's then I'll pop these into my hot bath, let the room fill with their relaxing and pretty amazing smell and chill in there for about 20 minutes. After that it is bed time for me. I find these really help me to drift into a deeper sleep while ensuring a have moisturised and soft skin too. I wish I could explain the science behind these but I can't - but, if you struggle sleeping these are a miracle tub. But use sparingly because my god they pull on the purse strings 

- 2 - Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Foamy Body Wash £6.50
That is better, something a little more affordable. Unlike the sleep inducing bath salts from before I find this great for a sunday morning pamper sesh as the AMAZING fresh zingy scent makes me feel so awake and clean it is unbelievable. The scent reminds of a sweet yet sour sweet that you just cannot get enough off. I love the creamy texture of this body wash which hydrates the skin but also cleans it thoroughly. With Christmas coming up there are so many sets on offer in Boots that right now is the best time to be stocking up on this stuff! 

- 3 - Lush The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar £3.25 
Ooops, I seem to be talking about Christmas a lot right now! But the main selling point is how freaking cute this little guy is! Like seriously how can you leave him sat on the shelf all alone in the winter? He also looks great on the bathroom side. If you've never used a Lush bubble bar before than all you need to do is crumble a little bit of the penguin under the running bath water and oh lord THE BUBBLES! These things really do make the biggest and fluffiest bubbles I have ever seen! This lasts on average three baths depending on how liberal you are with the product and has a gorgeous citrus scent that leaves you feeling revived after a hard day at work and with a clear mind. The perfect mid-week pick me up. 

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