#FOODFRIDAY : My favourite winter drinks


As you all probably know by now I am a bit of a foodie, but one of my weaknesses in life is a nice warm drink and tea. I have a shelf full of the stuff and there is something warm and cosy that a hot drink can give you that a jumper just can't. So I thought I'd share my favourite winter drinks for you to indulge in too. 

1 -  Twinnings Orange & Lotus Flower Green Tea £1.69
Ok, this isn't so wintery. But I have loads of green teas as I love the health benefits green tea can give you, but sometimes just don't fancy a plain green tea. This is really sweet and fruity and makes me feel like I'm having a bit more of a treat than a healthy drink. I have found that this is the flavour I have picked up more lately and I think as we come into winter I just love oranges and satsumas so that is why I am loving this flavour so much. 

2 - Pukka Original Chai & Three Cinnamon £2.39
I have mentioned on here before that Pukka are my favourite Tea's not least for their packaging! But these two are really gorgeous and warming teas that are perfect for the wintery months. To be honest they're not greatly different but as a Cinnamon lover/addict I love them both very much. Chai is a sensual black tea filled with aromatic spices such as Cardamon, Cinnamon and ginger that together mix to create a gorgeous comforting yet exotic taste in your mouth. Three Cinnamon is a little sweeter than chai with a blend of three of the worlds most delicious cinnamons this I find a little easier to drink with a christmassy mix of sweet and spicy. 

4 - Nescafe Cafe Menu, Millionaire's Shortbread Mocha & Spiced Orange Mocha £2.99
I am a real chocoholic so if I can pick any coffee it is always a Mocha! These are a great way to make them at home without costing loads of money! The millionaire shortbread flavour is very sweet and caramel flavoured which is indulgent and great for a pamper day, BUT, the spiced orange wow! You get a hint a hint of coffee, chocolate and then the magic of both orange and cinnamon which fill your mouth with a warm comforting flavour that makes you feel like you're in a winter wonderland. The PERFECT winter drink!

5 - Costa Hot Spiced Apple - (medium £2.80) - no link
Ok, this is a shop bought drink but I can't walk past a Costa without walking in and purchasing one of these babes. It is just to die for. Last year myself and a uni friend, Nancy tried this and I have never looked back! Sweet Mother Of God it is a sweet warm apple flavoured drink with fresh cinnamon and cardamon inside to infuse it with the gorgeous spice and scent of Christmas day ... could I mention Christmas any more? seriously! But, if you've not already go and try one of these, they're delicious!!!! 

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