Graduating: The end of friendships

When you finish uni you're kind of warned about the employment struggle, the moving back in with your parents struggle and even getting used to no napping in the afternoon struggle but no one seems to tell you how much you'll miss your friends. 

I finished uni back in May, and had got to a point that I was ready to leave and start a new chapter of my life. The only thing is I wasn't ready to leave my best friends. And I'm sure I am not alone. 

I was lucky at uni I had a group of friends who were just like me, knew how to be absolutely ridiculous and yet were the most supportive and amazing people in the world when you were low. When you live with people, or study with people everyday for three years you develop the kind of bond that can't be broken. You've shared secrets, they've been there when you have been at your worst and you've made some of the best memories you possibly could. And then suddenly you live hundreds of miles away with not a penny to see each other. This posts comes a few days after missing one of my best friends baby showers, who I'd give the world to go an see and give a cuddle but it is almost like a tough break up you have to start living life apart. Where I thought I was lucky to finally not be in a long distance relationship the truth is I still am. 

I'm writing this post because I think many of us believe we might be alone, we see peoples status updates and photos and we think they're just getting on with their lives and maybe we should to. But it is totally normal, and we need to be there and realise that this isn't something to let get to you. You feel like you shouldn't miss people who you've only known three years, or because no one ever talks about this emptiness and loss that it shouldn't be felt, but it is natural.

I feel I made some of my lifelong best friends at uni, and I now feel that I have very few friends back at home. This isn't anyones fault, but a matter of peoples lives not involving each other for so many years, during an integral part of growing up that you're no longer the same people. So to loose the best friends I have ever had is tough. We are lucky to an extent that we have social media and the internet as ways to connect with one another, but it is also a way for other people to brag and make your life less adequate. 

So, this is the time that I am going to do something about it. Some of my friends have some letters on the way to them with an invite to a certain something and I have started a 'piggy bank' of sorts to save to see one another. I don't want sympathy hey I have friends and I have a few fantastic ones at home! I'm not a total loner, but the friends I made at uni were like family to me and I want to address the idea of it is ok to miss them and have total fresher envy! 

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