Internship Week #2: How to afford the internship

There is no magic solution when it comes to interning; it is tough on the purse strings for all of us. You are more often than not expected to work long hours in a big city for little or no pay, leaving you broke and wondering if it is even worth it at all. I have been in that horrendous position of HAVING to turn down amazing experience due to the finances. But there are my top tips on how to afford interning and work experience. (** PLEASE NOT: ANYTHING OVER 3 MONTHS SHOULD BE PAID)

#1 Expenses
My main tip here is don’t be afraid to ask! Many companies will have a policy were by they can offer their interns or workies something towards their expenses usually between £25-£50 a week. But, just because they can it doesn’t mean that they will tell you that. Some publications will even go out of their way not to disclose this information unless asked, so always ask and remind staff on your final day. It is your right to have this money so don’t go without.

#2 No Rest For The Wicked
So you’ve worked hard all week, memorised the tea round, ran to the courier room with boxes bigger than you and even got blisters like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, so surely the least you deserve is a lie in and bottle of cheap wine on Saturday right? Nope, wrong. If you are skint and interning this is your opportunity to make an extra few quid to pay for next weeks train into the city again. Your Saturdays and Sundays are for pulling pints and selling French fries. It’ll pay off eventually promise!

#3 Working 9-5… LOL!
I’d say this tip is for the more experienced intern who has built an impressive catalogue of published work. But, a great way to earn money and continue gaining experience is through freelance and shift work. I’m not going to go into how you apply for this, as it is a difficult gig to get but an important one at that! You’ll be doing what you love at the unsociable hours no one else wants. If you can’t do this look into earning money from your blog, even if it is only a little it is better than nothing.

#4 Lunchtime savings
if you’re working in a big city like London or Manchester the temptation to wonder around the stores and shops during your lunchbreak is huge. You’ll be drooling over sushi in Wassabi and handbags in Topshop and before you know it the cashier will have your plastic card and will be packing away your stuff. I have been in this position of buying numerous Starbucks coffees, M&S lunches and Urban Outfitter junk all during one short hour of ‘fresh air’. Don’t do it! Don’t even tempt yourselves. Make your self a packed lunch and enjoy it in the office or a local park or anywhere that is without temptation of shops. If you are going to ponder them do not take your purse!

#5 You’ll get by with a little help from your friends
It sucks having to rely on others, really sucks! There is nothing worse than having to ask for favours from people and not being able to help in any way… but that is life I am afraid. If you’re not fortunate enough to already live in the big city or don’t have a millionaire boyfriend you’re going to have to slum it on a couch. So do you remember your auntie mentioning her cousin moving to London? Or that old school friend who worked their way up and now lives in Manchester? Well now is the time to pick up the phone, log onto Facebook, send a pigeon if you must just to ask them for their sofa. People who live in these cities will understand how tough it can be to afford and may of even had to do it themselves at some point. And when you finally get a job you’ll be able to take them for a fancy tea or something so don’t worry.

I hope this helped, I know they’re hardly get rich quick solutions. If you have those please do let me know, but they’re helpful hints I have learnt a long the way. 

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