If there is one thing Canterbury has been missing it is a decent burger. The sort where the chef is proud to have created it - the meat is of the highest quality and the flavours have been put together in fun and delicious ways. Que, Burger Bro's a small Kentish Burger company who set up shop in some of our favourite local places. And the best thing is they're coming to Canterbury - This Monday (10th Nov)
Owner Karl Wozny opened Burger Bro's, after his travels around New York and the world and trying to find the perfect burger. After years of making his brilliant burgers for family and friends, he set up shop in his local town of Deal. But nothing excited me more than seeing that they were coming to Canterbury. So, when I was offered to come in and have a sample of the menu ahead of it's opening I couldn't resist. 

The menu is any carnivores dream, filled with burgers, hot dogs and meaty nachos to wet your appetite. Although they do have some pretty good sounding veggie options too! 

Burger Bro's is setting up residence in Alberry's bar, on St Margret Street, Canterbury and will be giving out FREE SLIDERS to the first thirty customers who walk through their door on Monday. The new burger joint will be open for lunch time trading (12-5) six days a week, and will soon be opening (21st November) in popular Cafe Mrs Jones kitchen for evening meals too.

The idea behind this lunch time menu is for quick, not-too-filling meals that are made of the highest quality and taste as indulging as they are. You can call and order before you arrive or even pick up a take out- all to ensure your lunchtime treat is delivered in a way and speed that suits your lifestyle. Perfect for those working in the high street, looking for a place to eat with friends or students the well priced locally sourced burger joint is the the closest to New York in our historic little city. 

 So the food?! All of the burgers are made with 40 day aged Dexter Cattle - which is a smaller local rare breed cow that contains six times more Omega 3 fats than any other beef. It is a darker and more rich in flavour meat that Burger Bro's only season before the grill.

All of the buns are made of locally baked savoury brioche, not because it looks good but because of the way it holds the burger perfectly together, without it falling apart in your hands. The Alberry's lunch branch will be serving two sizes of sliders that are perfect for a lunchtime treat. The burger joint prides itself in only using amazing quality products that are cooked from scratch using their own smoking tools and grills.

 What did I try?! So, I ate a lot of wonderful food - I was full to the brim in an absolute meat coma that I felt the need for a nap but my god, did it taste good - I just couldn't stop.

SLIDERS: I had three sliders The New York Midnight, Tijuana and a bacon jam and cheese burger. All of the burgers were cooked to a perfect shade of pink, with succulent and juicy meats tasty cheese and homemade sauces that compliment each other perfectly.

CHILLI NACHOS: I'm going to put this out there: BEST NACHOS EVER! They're all homemade from scratch in-house and taste like nothing I've ever eaten. Karl proudly told me that these were not shop bought nacho crisps. The nachos were topped with a deliciously hot chilli con carne, jalapeno's fresh guacamole, salsa and a jalapeƱo sour cream. Oh and delicious mont jack cheese.

MALT MILKSHAKE: I do love me a shake, a thick chocolate shake with cream and all of the calories. This fresh malted chocolate milkshake with fresh whipped cream is as good as any chocolate milkshake I've ever drank! It is clear that Burger Bro's don't do anything by halves.

NEW YORK CHEESECAKE: Karl assured me that this is as good as any cheesecake I'd eat in New York. And good god, I am stuck for words. The creamy dense cheesecake topping with a sweet and rich taste is utter perfection with a hint of lemon and served with a fruit coulis -  and it was worth every bite.

 So, be sure to be the first in Burger Bro's upon opening this coming Monday!!

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