Bloggers and Youtubers everywhere are releasing products and books left right and centre, and although I've found a few a little gimmicky I think it is great to see this new wave of celebrity have their moment in the spotlight and bring out some interesting things for us beauty junkies to try out. 

So, When the amazing Ruth Crilly (A model Recommends) released this new line of dry shampoos I was sceptical. I saw the rave reviews - from her blogger pals and still wasn't convinced it was for me. I suffer with an incredibly dry and sore scalp which requires a daily wash and often powdery formulas of dry shampoos aggravate my scalp leaving me scratching and gross. 

But, I have been converted. I saw this in my local Superdrug on offer and thought I'd give it a try. The sheer invisible formula lives up to it's name it is all you want from a dry shampoo especially when you have dark hair. There is no talc looking roots and yet it still manages to absorb grease and give lift just like you'd hope for in any dry shampoo. You really can't feel the product in your hair it is so lightweight yet effective at cleansing hair. 

You can get this dry shampoo in the larger bottle (£3.49) or cute travel sizes (£2.64) from Feel Unique and Superdrug and both come in a fabulous 5 scents that'll leave your hair smelling freshly washed! 

Overall this does compete with my beloved dry shampoo and I really recommend it for those who are trying to wash their hair less frequently and those who like to have that extra hour in bed! 

Have you tried these? 

Currently on offer in Superdrug! 

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