#FOODFRIDAY || Delicious carrot cake porridge

It is no secret on here that I love me some porridge. It is the Mother of all breakfasts and there are so many healthy yet delicious combinations that ensure it never gets boring. But as we enter these cold and dark morning my love for warm, comforting porridge only doubles! So, in a bid to find more seasonal fruits/veggies to add to my porridge (I try and ensure a third of every meal is fruit or veg) I cam across this carrot cake porridge. It is packed full of goodness and tastes like one of my favourite puddings! So here is how I made it. 

1) Sweetner / honey / agave syrup of your choice - 1tbsp 2) Cinnamon/ Chai Tea of your choice - 1 bag  3) Cinnamon powder - 1 and half tsp  4) Rolled oats - 35g / 1 cup  5) Milk of your choice - 110ml  6 ) Boiling water - 130ml  7) Juice of half an orange   8) mixed dried fruits e.g. raisins, sultanas, cranberries  9) Vanilla Extract (optional) - half tsp  10) Flavoured greek yogurt ( FOR ICING) - 2 tbsp 11) a fistful of grated carrot


1) turn your hob or stove to a high temperature and make a cup of tea using the boiling water and cinnamon flavoured tea bag! 
2) Add all of the ingredients bar the yogurt into the pan and bring to the boil
3) Once boiling turn the heat down to a lower heat and allow to simmer for approx 7mins / to a desired consistency. - stirring occasionally 
4) serve up and add some greek yogurt for a sweet icing substitute. 


Let me know if you make this delicious recipe and tag me on social media in your pictures! 

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