If You're Going Through Hell... Keep Going

Have you ever felt like the world is against you? Sat wondering what on earth you did so wrong in a previous life? yes? me to. In fact I think we all have at some time or another, whether it be during a hard time at home, work or school we all have been there. I think during these periods of total self loath and difficulty we are all too quick to panic and feel alone, it is all too easy to think that no one else has ever felt this way before. But they have. A few months ago I had one of these times whereby I felt like Mother Earth had it in for me things were going wrong and I was letting it eat me up. That is when i got this book, 'Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down' by Sam Dixon. It's a small book that has a funny, yet inspirational quote on each page. 

I decided to read a page each morning when I woke up and it really helped to put everything in perspective, to pull my socks up, dust my shoulders off and work my arse off to prove people wrong. I'm a real believer in what doesn't kill you can make you stronger and that some things are just meant to happen. (Can I add any more cliches?) But for me this is true, although during a period of total crap it is tough to see how things will get better, actually they do. 

I am writing this post as if one person reading this is feeling in a rut, letting one of those mean people out there put them down, just realise it'll get better. Buy a little book just like this brilliant one and kick some arses in your life! Because that is what I am going to do! 

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