My hair is the bane of my life. It is dry on the ends - thanks to years of bleach, gets greasy at the roots  - thanks to my constant touching and I get a painful dry and itchy scalp - thanks to eczema! Overall I sound hot right? Well to maintain a normal looking head of tresses these are the products I can't live without right now. 

// REDKEN PILLOW PROOF BLOW DRY SPRAY // This primer was created to shorten blow dry time, help stop breakage, and protect hair against heat up to 450 degrees! This is similar to a makeup remover in the fact that it needs shaking to mix the oil and water based sections. I find this to help keep my blow dried style an extra day - which is important for me and my unruly curly locks. It also helps to enhance any other styling product used meaning extra volume or moisture. Since using this I have had many more compliments on my hair and it has been smoother than ever. [linked here]

//BLOW PRO READ SET BLOW LOTION// Ok, I got this for 97p in Superdrug some time ago and feel like that was a fault or something but look in your local store. Whatever the cost, this primer lotion ensures that thick hair is dried much faster and that it doesn't dry out. I use a pea sized amount and it really does work. [linked here]

//PHILIP KINGSLEY DAILY DAMAGE DEFENCE// I got this in my recent Glamour Box and have fallen head over heels. I am quite big on my heat protection as my ends are so damaged already! This is a really light spray that doesn't feel too wet before straightening yet leaves my hair silky smooth and shiny. I really like Philip Kingsley as a brand and this doesn't disappoint. [linked here]

//L'OREAL PARIS STUDIO LINE #TXT VOLUME SPRAY// I've done a full review of this here, but it is still a staple in my routine. This gives my hair that volume boost and hold that any girl with flat hair requires. It isn't crispy or uncomfortable to wear but gives BIG results. [link here]

//PANTENE PRO V DRY OIL WITH VITAMIN E// this is one of, if not the, best oils I have tried on the high street. I find this is luxurious for the ends of my hair and feels lightweight yet gives hydrating results. My hair always looks soft and shiny after use and it helps to reduce knots. I use a tiny amount of this oil that smells amazing! It helps repair damaged hair and doesn't leave it feeling greasy. [linked here]

// CO LAB SHEER INVISABLE DRY SHAMPOO - NEW YORK// A full review of this will be up on Monday but this is a great product. I am very fussy when it comes to dry shampoos, only liking this and the Fudge one. This doesn't dry out my sore scalp yet absorbs greasy from the roots of the hair making it last that extra day. It smells great and means that I can leave my hair an extra day! [linked here]

What are your hair care must haves? Would you like to see a post on sore scalps? 

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