Ok, ok I hear you! Mel you've mentioned this dupe before but little did I realise that W7 had the perfect dupe to all three of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. We all know about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, are a cult favourite; really being the king of all neutral eyeshadow palettes, but if the pretty expensive price tag is not in your budget then I have found the perfect dupe for all three of the palettes!

These three palettes are three of the 4 palettes on sale from W7 and are priced at approx £7. All of the eyeshadows have almost identical hues to the Urban Decay alternative and even come in cheaper but fairly similar packaging. These are a nude eyeshadow lovers delight with shimmers and matte shades that are all buttery and pigmented - unlike many of the high street eyeshadow combos! I got mine at my local outlet centre in the Next Store but will link here where they can be ordered online. I have seen that they've created similar collections to the Naked Basics too... but I am yet to try these!

Naked 1 is most peoples favourite of all of the naked collections, with really warm toned browns. The collection contains a range from light to dark shades with the added extra of a plum shade and black. This Lightly Toasted palette contains virtually the same shades and wear beautifully for this time of year! Although the Urban Decay shadows are known for their extraordinary butter like quality these are of course not as soft but for the price they're still incredibly luxurious and creamy feeling! 

As you can see this is a well loved palette! I have reviewed this in more depth here and still struggle to tell the shades apart from my NAKED 2 palette. Naked 2, was a cooler toned natural shade collection that again had a full range of shades from light to dark and a much deeper black which is great for creating a smokey eye. These palettes contain more golden hues that look great for the party season. Like I said In The Buff cases virtually identical colours and a great formula. 

I would say this dupe is the most different to the Urban Decay alternative but has certainly taken inspiration from the collection. Naked 3 contained a more rose gold effect with pinky warm toned nudes that were still wearable but a little special. The Naked 3 is a touch more brown and natural than the W7 In The Nude version but this difference is very subtle and the colours would certainly give an identical make up look. This one goes from deep purples to more pinky nudes that'll look natural on the eyes. 

Have you tried these W7 palettes? 

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