#TUESDAYCHAT || Don't be afraid of the F word!

Oh the F word!  No I am not talking about that oh so naughty F BOMB! But Feminism. I spoke about this a few years back on here and with it's popularity soaring in the media again, I thought it was time to readdress the situation.

I know being called a feminist is not really a 'cool' title. Many of us sat through torturous A level sociology/phycology lessons during our later teens and learnt to hate the bra burning women who gave us some of our rights today. But that's exactly it in amongst those bra burning, no shaving, campaigning ladies the real message behind feminism has been lost. Women being equal to men.

So many of my friends when asked have denied being a feminist, saying 'oh god no, I love men!' or 'I couldn't be like that' yet when later asked in conversation if they thought women should be treated equally to our male counterparts of course they said yes! And that is the point many of us are so bogged down by representations and extremities of what feminism is that we forget the main point.

I am a feminist - no I don't really campaign, yes I occasionally cook for my boyfriend and yes I try to maintain my body hair but that makes me no less of a feminist. In a society where women are still less employable (due to our god damn womb) and earning on average less than the boys... we need to learn how we can make a difference. This post won't make an awful lot of difference, although in the past I have given money to women's charities and rape victim charities my little tuppence won't change much. But, if we all start accepting that we actually do care and that we are a feminist maybe we are on our way.

Being a feminist and getting equality is all about the changing the no's to a yes for us girls! so, YES you can wear a bra if you like... YES you can shave your legs if you want ... YES you can wear make up if it makes you feel good ... YES you can have a boyfriend and say YES I AM A FEMINIST.


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