Hair and body are those things that are most forgotten about in the beauty world. Be it because you like people to think that you woke up looking and smelling that good or, that it just doesn't have that same allure of make up, it just seems to be everyone's least favourite. But I've discovered some products this year that have rocked my world so it is time that I share them all with you... 

//SCENT // Body Shop Red Musk
Finding a scent that is not sickly sweet or cheap smelling on a budget is quite the challenge. I usually opt for a scent from one of the leading fashion houses but, a new release from The Body Shop has had me reaching for a cheaper scent more often. Red Musk is a deep, sexy scent with musky undertones that I'd almost describe as unisex. It stays around all day and the glass bottle doesn't look out of place next to its expensive counterparts. 

//DEODORANT// Nivea Pearl and Beauty 
I have tried roll on's I have tried aerosols but until 2014 I was yet to try cream deodorant. The 'push up' style cream stick releases a hard product that melts in contact with the skin and deposits just the right amount of product without being too wet or sticky. I find this does the job of a great deodorant without any of the bad bits ... no white marks, wet patches or irritation just a gentle fresh smelling deodorant that I really love! 

//HAIR STYLING // Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer  
This catogory was the toughest yet for me. There has been so many hair styling products that I have loved this year and am using on a regular basis but this one has made it to my favourite list. It is one of the pricier products from the list but one that gives instant results. Allowing the hair to keep its shape from styling and feel soft and smooth. For someone with naturally curly and unrurly hair this seriously helps keep my hair in a style for two days! 

//MOISTURISER // Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter
Mmmmmmmm.... That is the best word to describe the incredible scent of this body butter. A super sour yet sweet scent that lingers on the skin and leaves even the dryest of winter skin feeling super smooth. I seriously could eat this body butter - but know better of it. 

//NAIL VARNISH // Rimmel Glitters 
My names Melody and I am a nail varnish addict... Yup, my ever-growing collection is pretty worrying but the Rimmel glitter bomb and precious stones collections have been a real love of mine. The only glitter varnishes to be totally opaque and full of glitter these give the wow factor that you want from an accent nail. 

//HAND CREAM // The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream
I struggle to remain loyal to a hand cream, but with this being the first I have repurchased I would have to call this a favourite. Hemp is known for it's intensely thick and nourishing qualities great for skin irratations orsupremely dry skin. I don't limit this to my hands but any areas that need that extra hydration.     

//BATH // Lush Yuzo and Cocoa Bubble Bar 
We all love a Lush bath bomb, watching our baths go brightly coloured and glittery but when it comes to a bath product that makes a difference for me it is this bubble bar. Filled with natural skin loving qualities this hydrating bubble bar produces dence bubbles and leaves me feeling soft and smooth. Ok, it is a little boring looking for a Lush product but it is bloody brilliant. 

//HAIR TREATMENT// Tresemme Scalp Renewal Treatment 
Most years I've gone for a hair mask in this catagory, but this for me has stole the show. If like me, you suffer with the very un glamorous issue of a dry scalp then you need to try this. I am not saying it is a miracle worker, but when used in conjunction with other products it makes a huge difference. It feels instantly cooling on a sore irratated scalp making it less itchy and more hydrated. It never leaves the hair looking greasy, nor does it interfere with hair styles. 

//HAIR OIL // Pantene Pro Vitamin E Oil
This hair oil is the best I've tried, and that includes expensive products too. It is lightweight and smells delicious. Dry enough to use on wet or dry hair but leaves the ends of dry and damaged hair looking and feeling smooth and comfortable. 

//FAKE TAN // Rimmel Sun BB Instant Tan
I've always loved Rimmel Instant fake tans, they apply well, give gorgoeus natural looking colour and wash off. But, this new release was a winner for me with all of that tanning goodness it also leaves skin looking erfected and airbrushed ... hello party legs! 


Melody x