HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is officially 2015, so I thought I would share my goals for this year and have a little reflect back on 2014... I tend not to make 'resolutions' out of stone, because I know I won't stick to them - but more goals and things I would like to do - I always pop them in my diary and have great satisfaction in ticking them off. 

#1 - GET FIT AND HEALTHY ... This was something I started in 2014, but something I want to take far more seriously in this year. This is not about weight but health and happiness. I think looking after my body will result in a happier more confident me so I'm going to be on it. 
#2 - TAKE MORE PICS - No, I'm not talking selfies, I want to document the good times, pictures with my boyfriend and family because photographing the precious times is more important than instagramming your lunch. 
#3 - MAKE A SCRAPBOOK - Moving on from the last goal, how often do we actually print images these days? We take them share them but never really print them... So from now on I'd like to start documenting each month in a scrapbook and documenting my memories so that I can look back on them. 
#4 - CHASE THE DREAM - This is the year I am going to work my butt off (even harder) to succeed in where I want to be. 
#5 - IMPROVE YOUTUBE - Yep, I am hoping that this year will see more videos and better quality editing and shots. I am going to be working with a friend on this but watch this space there might be some weekend viewing on its 
#6 - BE BETTER WITH MONEY - Cliche? yep. But, it is time I accept adulthood and start having some money to fall back on. 
#7 - GO AWAY MORE - I want to visit my uni friends, go on a holiday, see the world. Ok, not all in a year but I need to start somewhere so instead of sitting in my local city for 12 months with the occasional one spent in London I want to see new places and become a little more cultures. 
#8 - GO VEGAN FOR LENT - Now that I am publishing this on the internet I actually need to stick to it. I have wanted to try a vegan lifestyle for ages - It is not something I want to live by forever and I am strictly sticking to food here but I think 40 days will be a good test and tell me how my body reacts. bye bye Nandos! 
#9 - BE HAPPY - Rolling out the cliches here right? 2014 was a tough year for me but I learnt an awful lot about myself and how to be truly happy and I think by applying all of my other goals this one is sure to come. 

What are your resolutions for 2015??? 

 2014, how you've flown by. It was a tough year for me. I got pretty ill at the start of the year and was feeling a little low. But, I managed to graduate and have the happiest day making my family proud and I moved back home with my family and boyfriend all of whom make me so happy!! 

I also got two little bunnies, ones I have wanted for so long, unfortunately I no longer have either of these but they deserve a special little mention in my year of reflections. 

Thanks to my family, friends, lecturers, and all of you readers for a great year and I hope this one is as good!!!