Favourite Hair Care Brand: FUDGE URBAN

When I look at my current hair care regime, there is one particular brand that tends to outweigh the rest. Although I use other products, try new things and switch things up a lot, there is just one brand that I always go back to and repurchase ... FUDGE URBAN.

Everything I have tried from Fudge has been great, from the packaging down to the scent they really have the full package. Fudge is quite an experimental range, aimed at those who like to play around with style. They also have a professional haircare range, which is slightly more premium but really great products. I want to talk to you about my three favourite products from the Fudge Urban Collection (non-professional range)

CRISP PEAR AND SWEET VANILLA DRY SHAMPOO - I've mentioned before on here how I struggle to find a dry shampoo that doesn't dry my scalp or leave a film of thick white residue. However, this and the COLAB dry shampoos never leave my hair crispy or white yet soak up the grease with ease. I absolutely love the scent of this dry shampoo instantly refreshing a style on those mornings you can't be arsed to wash your tresses. £5.99

MATTE WAX - Since cutting my hair short again I have been using this wax daily and I love it. Perfect for holding style and giving flat hair definition this matte hard wax is plyable and like all Fudge Urban products smells great. Due to the matte formula it never leaves my hair looking limp and greasy, but a natural hold and messy look. Even my boyfriend has started loving this one.  £6.99

ICED RASPBEERRY AND VANILLA HAIR SPRAY - I've mentioned this before, and I will continue to repurchase this all the time it smells this good. I know you shouldn't judge a hair spray on its scent, but as someone who hates the traditional hairspray scent (I am looking at you Elnett) I really love this product. Not only that it gives great hold without the crispy hair problem we all hate. £4.99