Todays #foodfriday is all about seeds... yep you read that correctly, seeds! Not one of the most exciting topics in the word but one I thought I'd share with you all the same. When it comes to salads sometimes I miss that added crunch, but adding things like croutons etc can give very little in the way of nutrition and rack up the calorie content. Munch Seeds are family run company based in the UK, who roast seeds and healthy flavours to create a delicious snack or topping to your meals. 

Now, I'd usually have opted for one of their sweeter options containing coco nibs, but went for the Omega sprinkles to add to savoury dishes for a little added nutrition. The Omega Sprinkles contain a combination of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hulled hemp seeds, sesame seeds, rape seeds, golden linseed, brown linseed and a savoury sauce. The seeds are both a tasty snack alone or great on top of a salad, to boost your omega 3,6&9 levels. 

If you're trying to add some extra goodness to your mealtimes with an added crunch why not try Munchy seeds? 

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